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Mustard & Sauces


Marina Mustard is a great way to add flavor to your dishes and taste to your sandwiches. We use the finest grade mustard seed, giving you a tangy and rich taste without the fat.


Our barbecue sauces will spice up your menu, they are delicious when used in basting chicken and beef. They can also be used as a dipping sauce or in place of ketchup. Available in two flavors, original and hickory smoke


Marina sauces will spice up your menu and give your foods a gourmet taste. They are made from the best ingredients. Our steak sauce is thick and rich made from fresh tomatoes and other flavorings it is as versatile as ketchup when used as a condiment. The hot sauce uses aged cayenne pepper, it is tangy with just the right amount of heat. Our worcestershire sauce is delicious when used as a marinade for chicken and beef. Marina soy sauce will give your dishes that oriental taste So the next time you cook, don't forget Marina sauces.

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